How to protect yourself from covid-19.

 How to protect yourself from the virus.

As you all know, in 2020, a disease occurred in which the lives of all the people were destroyed. Where people are troubled by this disease, this disease stopped all business and forced people to stay at home.

People do not have any work and people are sitting hungry at home, then Coronavirus Help helped them in this situation. Thank you coronavirus helpers once again.

 How to protect yourself from coronavirus.

The elders say that there is rescue only in rescue. First of all, you should not go to the person on whom you think it has symptoms of covid-19 such as cough, cold fever, pain in the body.

Always put a mask on your mouth and keep a distance of at least two more dye meters from the other man. Whenever you buy any goods and when you go out, first come home and wash your hands with soap for 20 seconds.

 Always keep in mind that you should never touch your face because covid-19 mother-in-law and your eye can also enter the body. So always keep the mask and sanitizer near you.

You go out of the house only if you have a very important work, otherwise you do all the work from your home. If you go out to get food, then you can also order online because they are mostly safe and many big companies that lever food online take care of whatever the food lever. He is not in contact with covid-19.

First of all, if you obey all the instructions of the government, then they have implemented because they always bring new rules for your own good. And always keep that rule because it reduces the chances of spreading covid-19.

Now whenever you come home from outside, take off all your old clothes and give it to two, because covid-19 can survive on the surface even for a lot of checks and if you get your hands on it, then you can get affected

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