Thank you coronavirus helpers.

Thank you coronavirus helpers.

As if you all know that what is going on in the world at this time is not good. Due to covid-19, all the business and employment of poor people are gone. Due to covid-19, the world is running down.

In the meantime, many people helped poor people, such as giving food to poor and giving houses to live, they helped poor people day and night.

Thank you Coronavirus Helpers.

I don't know how to thank you but I still want to thank you because you guys helped the poor people. Meanwhile, people helped each other and gave the message of being a human being alive.

thank you coronavirus helpers.

Whenever you see a person who is helping someone at this time, then definitely say thank you on my behalf.

Once again I want to say that thank you coronavirus helpers that you guys helped other people fulfilled their every need, whatever they wanted.

In this situation, the Sikh community contributed a lot, like Khalsa Aid. They delivered food to every household and helped the poor people, and likewise in the other state too many people helped different people by forming a community. . Seeing you all I want to say once again thank you Coronavirus helpers.

At this time only human being needs human being because in difficulty human being is useful, then keep your humanity alive and wherever you feel you should help someone, then you must definitely help him.

If you see any patient who has been a covid-19 symphtoms, then tell him that do not panic, everything will be alright and help him.

Thank you coronavirus helpers

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